How To Detect Fires Outdoors

Any homeowner knows about smoke detectors.

If you install smoke detectors in your home, they can do a pretty decent job at keeping your home safe if you don’t forget to change their batteries and check for their proper function in regular intervals.

But what about fire detection where an ordinary smoke detector won’t work?

Smoke detectors work only reliably for monitoring a confined space, such as hallways and rooms in your home or business. They are not suitable for fire detection outdoors or for very monitoring large structures. This is where modern fire detection cameras come in.

Fire detection cameras work essentially like normal surveillance cameras, that is that they monitor a wide space using a video feed. By using built-in image processing software, they can reliably detect fires and flames. Some fire detection cameras can also combine digital imaging with other technologies, such as infrared sensing.

Because fire detection cameras work by analysing a video and are not relying on confined spaces like a smoke detector, this makes them also suitable for the outdoors. The can also be used to monitor large industrial complexes, from manufacturing plans to airports or shopping malls.

Modern fire detection cameras such as the Fcam by Ciqurix provide even more advantages. Among them would be their reliability, the speed of fire detection and that they can automatically summon the fire brigade in the event of a fire.

What makes the Fcam also interesting is that they can easily be incorporated in any existing CCTV surveillance system. For this, you would simply replace the old CCTV cameras with fire detection cameras.

If you want to know more about fire detection cameras, you can contact Ciqurix directly. They are one of the most renowned makers of fire cameras in the UK.