The Singing Waiters

Have you ever seen the Singing Waiters? The Singing Waiters are the United Kingdom’s most well-known surprise entertainers. What makes them better than most others is that each member of the group has a professional background as singer or dancer.

I have seen the Singing Waiters London last year at a friend’s wedding, and I dare to say it was one of the most fun weddings I have ever been to. The highlight of the night for me was definitely the Singing Waiters show, lots of fun when they pull folks up the stage to sing and to dance! 🙂

So if you have something planned this summer, like a party, a wedding or any other family get-together, I can highly recommend that you check out the Singing Waiters. Just make sure to book early as they are often booked out for months!

How To Detect Fires Outdoors

Any homeowner knows about smoke detectors.

If you install smoke detectors in your home, they can do a pretty decent job at keeping your home safe if you don’t forget to change their batteries and check for their proper function in regular intervals.

But what about fire detection where an ordinary smoke detector won’t work?

Smoke detectors work only reliably for monitoring a confined space, such as hallways and rooms in your home or business. They are not suitable for fire detection outdoors or for very monitoring large structures. This is where modern fire detection cameras come in.

Fire detection cameras work essentially like normal surveillance cameras, that is that they monitor a wide space using a video feed. By using built-in image processing software, they can reliably detect fires and flames. Some fire detection cameras can also combine digital imaging with other technologies, such as infrared sensing.

Because fire detection cameras work by analysing a video and are not relying on confined spaces like a smoke detector, this makes them also suitable for the outdoors. The can also be used to monitor large industrial complexes, from manufacturing plans to airports or shopping malls.

Modern fire detection cameras such as the Fcam by Ciqurix provide even more advantages. Among them would be their reliability, the speed of fire detection and that they can automatically summon the fire brigade in the event of a fire.

What makes the Fcam also interesting is that they can easily be incorporated in any existing CCTV surveillance system. For this, you would simply replace the old CCTV cameras with fire detection cameras.

If you want to know more about fire detection cameras, you can contact Ciqurix directly. They are one of the most renowned makers of fire cameras in the UK.

A Better Way to Do Your Invoices

This is a tip that I got from my friend Adrian who is a business owner in Devon.

When I showed Adrian around in my office, he casually asked me why I didn’t use electronic invoicing.

I was stumped because I had to admit that I never heard of electronic invoicing before.

He explained to me that he is using electronic invoicing for quite some time already and told me that I shall definitely use it as well. Basically, what it is is that you can do all your invoices from your phone or computer and it goes much faster and safer than the old way of doing invoices.

One of the biggest benefits of electronic invoicing is also that the entire invoicing process doesn’t involve any paperwork any longer. So basically what it means is that it can create invoices very quickly on your phone and then send them over the Internet. On the other end, the one who receives the invoice also does not need to do a thing because the entire process can be automated. They receive your digital invoice and can immediately process it.

The fact that electronic invoicing does away with all the paperwork has many more advantages. Despite it being faster and easier, it also helps to minimise the risk for errors. Previously, information from your paper invoices had to be transferred into your computer system which means there is always a risk for making some mistake here or there. And along with the time savings it can also save you some money. A lot of businesses these days are still mailing their invoices separately by using normal snail mail. Electronic invoice will help save you cost for stamps, and possibly even the need for dedicated employees that you’d otherwise need for your invoicing!

Is Facebook Really a Threat to Democracy?

Journalist John Snow who is with Channel 4 News since 1989 thinks that Facebook’s inaction in regards to what is called “fake news” is a “threat to democracy”.

Mr Snow held a speech where he acknowledged that Facebook did indeed help Channel 4 News to get a wider audience, but he thinks that the social network left publishers at its mercy. He said that the principles of Facebook are really explained and that they can change on a whim, sometimes overnight depending on the opinion of Mr Zuckerberg.

The same speech she also criticised Facebook for having allowed false stories to enter the news feeds.

“When you read that the Pope endorsed Trump for president, it was ultimately Facebook who enabled the story” he said.

“Imagine how millions of people during these last elections made a decisions based on such fake news. Something isn’t right when the same algorithm that filtered out legit stories for you also presents you with these fake stories”.

“In my opinion, there is a moral duty to prioritise veracity over clicks and profits”

Better than Visiting a Fitness Center: A Personal Trainer

A lot of folks whom I know are now again getting ready for the upcoming spring by signing up with various fitness centres.

And many of them, including two of my closest friends, have never been to a fitness gym before.

This means that they are quite inexperienced when it comes to the right exercise routines, say if they want to lose weight.

Many of them also don’t know how to properly use the fitness equipment that is usually found in various gyms.

This wouldn’t be a big issue if most of today’s fitness studios would have friendly and qualified staff on site where those folks who are less experienced could always ask for tips and advise. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case anymore today since many fitness studios are trying to save money on all corners to stay competitive in the U.K.’s fitness market. And this includes that many studies don’t have any qualified staff and simply expect that people coming to their gyms know what their doing.

If you ask me, a much better way to spend your money would be to invest into a personal trainer. The best is you only sign up with those fitness studios were you will know beforehand that you can get a personal trainer.

There are many advantages of having a personal trainer. You don’t need any previous experience to get started with your exercise routines because the personal trainer will let you know what to do and most bodily how to do it right. He or she will also let you know how to use the exercise equipment the right way. Ultimately, even if a personal trainer would cost more than a gym membership alone, it will be something more than worthwhile because you can be sure about the results which you otherwise never know! At personal trainer Hackney you can find more help and information about getting a personal trainer and how this can benefit your health and fitness.