Who or What Is The BABC?

The British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP) is the official organisation  in the United Kingdom which oversees the practice  of cognitive behavioural therapy.

The BABCP was founded in 1972 as the overseeing entity for the practice of behavioural therapy in the United Kingdom. Not long after its foundation, which happened to coincide with science recognising the benefits of  cognitive approaches for therapy purposes, the BABCP  quickly grew from its initial 195 members to more than 10,000. At the same time, the BABCP also increased scope of its functions.

What are the goals of the BABCP?

The main goal of the BABCP is to promote the theory and practice of behavioural and cognitive psychotherapy in accordance with the Standards of Conduct Performance and Ethic. It also aims to provide open means for discussion of matters related to this branch of psychotherapy is among its members and helping professions.

The BABCP want to spread information about behavioural and cognitive psychotherapies also wants to set standards for its and provides adequate training.

In addition to that, the BABCP  which establish and maintain standards for all professions in the field by providing them the opportunity to become accredited.

The BABCP is publishing academic publications and newsletters the goal to spread information about behavioural and cognitive psychotherapies.

Consider Private Independent Schools

If the education of your children is important to you, I recommend that you look into all schooling options in your area and this includes private, independent schools.

The United Kingdom has a large number of first-grade private schools that are often far superior to their state-school equivalents when it comes to education quality.

Advantages of a private school can be smaller classes, better and more-qualified teachers, modern teaching equipment and resources along with many other benefits. Especially the smaller classes in independent schools can often mean that pupils with special requirements can be better attended to which can mean better grades as compared to those in public schools.

Not all privately operated schools in the United Kingdom are expensive elite schools. Today there are more affordable private schools in the UK than there had been in the past. This means that the option to send their children to a good, private school is now available for a lot more families. I can recommend that you get in touch with at least two private schools and have them show you what they offer in terms of education and extracurricular activities. Depending on your children’s individual learning needs and interests, you can then decide which school can accommodate them best.

Here is a list of private schools in United Kingdom:


Wales: Headteachers Warn About Planned Budget Cuts

Headteachers in Wales have warned that hundreds of school teaching staff will possibly lose their jobs if currently proposed budget cuts go ahead. One of Newport’s council’s cabinet members, Gail Giles, said that according to teaching leaders, proposed cuts will have “a devastating impact on primary education”.

According to a letter from the Newport Association of Primary Headteachers, possibly up to 226 teaching assistants and 79 teachers will need to be made redundant in order to offset for the effect of cuts that are planned for the 2017-18 year.

The letter moreover states that the council’s proposed budget can also mean actual real-term decrease in school funding in Wales of more than £3.1m or £227 per student when factoring in other costs such as pay awards. Newport has currently 13,969 in their primary schools.